How to build a wood awning frame

An outdoor awning allows you to sit and enjoy your patio irrespective of heavy rainfall or strong sunlight. Patio awnings can be retractable or permanent, depending on personal choice. A retractable awning allows you to roll it up or fold it when you do not need it, while a permanent fixture installed over your patio remains in place all year round, except when you pull it off to clean, repair, or replace it. Both types of awnings extend the use of patios in all seasons.

Building an awning is easy and much cheaper than buying one. Follow these steps to build an outdoor awning or canopy over your patio.

Decide if you want the awning to be attached to the exterior of the house or a freestanding structure supported by vertical poles inserted into the ground. Then, measure the size of the patio to determine how much material you need to purchase. Take the correct length and width measurements, and note the final figures on a notepad. For a freestanding structure, add a few inches onto these lengths for the pockets that will fit around your supports.

You will also need to measure the height you want for the support system. With an attached awning, you will have to add a little more extra material to your measurements, as the slant of an attached awning will require more fabric for the same amount of coverage as the fabric of the freestanding type, which will lay flat.

how to build a wood awning frame

If you're more mathematically inclined, you can use basic trigonometry to figure out your exact amount, but otherwise, you can probably make a good, educated guess. Purchase awning material from your local home department store or fabric store.

There are a number of materials available such as vinyl opaque for all types of weather conditions, polycarb panels for extreme weather conditions, clear panels for milder weather conditions, and even tarp. These materials come in single bold colors, designs, or are transparent to match the surrounding landscape and exterior of the house.

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If it's too snug, fold a little more fabric over. Then, add two-way corner PVC connectors to close the frame, with their open ends facing downwards.

How to build a small pitched roof- 2

Use a posthole digger to dig four holes at least six inches deep into the ground at the appropriate distance and insert PVC pipes into them firmly. You can use gravel at the bottom of the hole and concrete around it to give the structure more firm support.

For a patio awning that connects to your house, you will need two flagpole holders and three PVC pipes.

how to build a wood awning frame

Insert the three PVC pipes into the front and two side openings in the awning. Insert two connectors to both the ends of the side pipes to attach them to the flagpoles. Attach flagpole brackets to the exterior of your house by drilling holes at the appropriate height. Make sure you use a sturdy ladder if drilling holes that are high. Slide the side poles carefully into the brackets, and connect them to PVC connectors installed at the ends of the two poles.

WIth that, your awning is secured and complete.Your house hates it too. So why not build it a pair of sunglasses? Simple DIY awnings are but just a few cuts and screws away. Use this guide to basic wood and metal window awnings and create your own one-of-a-kind window dressing that takes the yawning out of awning.

No matter what it is, he nailed it when he created these simple yet effective awnings. But the good news about that is that now you can get them already finished and cut to size. Since they had weathered outdoors already, they had done all of the twisting and warping they were going to do and were perfect for this job.

The A-frame, as I like to call it, is more like a triangle on its side. For the part of the A-frame that rests against the home, we cut the bottom flush and cut a 26 degree bevel at the top.

Just like a rafter, we cut our ends so that one angle has the long point and the other side has the short point. This board was cut a little differently too.

The top rafters were the easy part of the job. The two sides that hold the rafters in place are already on the A-frame assembly. Of course, for your window, the dimensions will very likely be different.

This part of the project was fairly simple too. We fastened the A-frame pieces together on the ground, and then we installed them against the wall of the house.

Since the house has a wood frame exterior, it was pretty easy to screw the A-frames in place. Just make sure whatever you are fastening to is solid and structural.

Once the two sides were up, it was all cruising downhill from there.

How to Build a Wood Door Awning

We attached the three horizontal joists between the two A-frame pieces. For the piece with the fake tails, we attached them to a joist first before we attached it to the rest of the awning. Once the frame was up, it only lacked a metal roof. We used a three foot wide panel since we had some lying around anyways and rip cut one piece so that all three metal panels fit evenly over the top of the awning.

With a few well-placed metal roofing screws complete with butyl grommets, the roof was on and the awnings were complete. Sunlight glare eliminated! I would like an awning over my kitchen window to get pivacy from a two story home. Any advice about deciding on the projection and slant would be appreciated.

This tutorial is great. Thank you for posting. That other material could be used as a topper. Thanks for the tips! I will make a couple design adjustments per the materials I have at hand to use and the way I would like mine to look, of course. Great post btw. Hi, I love your project and the finished result.

Talk about unnecessary weight! Awesome idea. Did you remove siding so that the frame sits flush against the underlayment, or did you just mount the awning frame over the siding?

I like this… I am worried about the tin on the roof of it… We have a window unit in our bedroom window and every time it rains, I do not get any sleep, because the dripping keeps hitting the unit.

Does the tin roof make lots of noise? Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.Use left-over siding that was removed from the main building to cover the front side of the awning. You will need a helper for this project. Make sure the roof sheds water past the outside of any deck or stairs that are located outside the door opening. Building a small, gabled awning above an exterior doorway is a functional project that not only protects you when stepping out into a rainstorm, but adds a new visual dimension to your house.

You'll also learn something about the construction process that goes into framing a gabled roof.

Building an Awning – How to Build a Wooden Awning

Remove the siding with a flat pry bar from the area above the doorway. It must extend at least 1 foot past the side of the door opening and at least 3 feet above the door. Do this cleanly, because part of the siding will have to be put back on the side of the house later. Attach a level 2x4 board to the exterior side of the house, directly to the framing members. It should be level, about 6 to 12 inches above the door trim and extend 12 to 24 inches past the side of the door trim. The distance between the end of this board and the outside edge of the door should be equidistant.

At least one end of the 2x4 should land on a stud. Place two 2x4 boards above the one that you just installed to form an equilateral triangle.

These three boards will form the shape of the roof of your awning. The triangle should be 1 to 2 feet high in the center and nailed to the framing members with 16 galvanized framing nails. Cut each end of each piece at an angle to ensure a clean fit. Make a second triangle to match the one that you just built on the side of the building. Use a pair of sawhorses and attach plywood cleats on one side to hold the piece together.

The plywood scraps will have to be cut fit at the ends of the triangle and nailed with short galvanized box nails. Decide on the distance that the awning will extend out from the side of the building 3 to 5 feet usually and cut three pieces with square ends to that exact length. Put the whole roof frame together. Nail the three boards you just cut into the side of the triangle that has the plywood brace, and then raise the whole unit.

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Attach it to the side of the frame you just installed on the side of the house, supported by temporary wooden braces. Square off the unit and make sure it is level. As an alternative, assemble the whole unit, both triangular ends and the three connecting 2x4s on the ground, and lift the whole unit into place at once.

You will still need the temporary braces once the roof frame is up. Put in two concrete piers underneath the two corners of the roof frame. They should be at least 2 feet deep--they need to go past the frost line--and they can be poured or pre-cast.

Line these up so that they are both the same distance out from the house 3 to 5 feet and located directly underneath the end of the 2x4 roof frame. Set an anchor bolt or plate in the wet concrete.An awning frame supports awning curtains and can provide shade and privacy. Whether you want to build a complex or simple frame, the following steps can guide you in the process. Decide whether you want to provide over-head shade by locating the awning against a building or whether you want the awning to be free-standing.

A free-standing awning frame must be able to support the weight of the awning curtain and be resistant to wind. The size of the awning will be governed by the available space and the size of the awning curtain. For example, an awning curtain that is feet square will require a frame a maximum of feet square in size. Thin plastic tubing can not support a lot of weight unless the tubing is used in large quantities.

Aluminum tubing that is 1 to 2 inches is usually a good choice for tubing.

How to Build an Awning Frame

For most tubing it is easiest to use the purpose-built clamping system that is designed to hold each size of tube securely. You can also use the system of collars designed to unite the tubing to create corners.

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Probably, a mixture of both systems will be best. A basic square frame will effectively form a box. A feet square frame can be built using 2-inch diameter aluminum tube.

how to build a wood awning frame

Each corner support will need 1 tube length. Each lateral support for the awning curtain will be 10 feet in length. The corners will need corner tube junctions. These have 3 orifices for the tubes, each at a degree angle to the others. The awning frame is formed simply by joining the 4 tubes 10 feet in length to form a rectangle feet square.

At each corner of the rectangle will be 1 empty orifice at a degree angle to the rectangle, and they should all be on the same side, pointing to the ground.

It is much easier to attach the awning curtain to the frame while the frame is on the ground.An awning is a device that functions like a patio cover but isn't as structural. Awnings are made from simple posts with canvas or aluminum overhangs. The awnings are attached to house exteriors, RV trailers or even a truck. The awning is built to provide protection and a barrier between the sun and the rain.

Awnings are built over doors and windows. Awnings can extend down sidewalks in front of hotels or restaurants. These awnings are called canopies. Over the years, several other materials have been used as coverings for awnings.

One such reliable and durable material is corrugated metal. Measure your awning dimensions. Snap a line from the house out to where the awning will extend to. Make sure the lines are straight. Place markers on the ground to mark off the area. Cut interlocking pieces of inch corrugated metal to size and put it aside. Dig two holes where you placed your markers. Insert two square metal 8-foot posts. Fill the holes with concrete and let it dry for a day.

Hammer a 1-byby-8 ledger board on the exterior wall of the house using penny nails. Make sure the nails go through the wall studs. Attach a heavy-gauge C-channel metal header horizontally from one post to the other. Secure the header to the posts with screws.

Insert them into pre-drilled holes with a screw gun. Lay out the pre-cut corrugated metal awning pieces across from the post header to the wall ledger. The corrugated metal pieces are about 18 inches wide and interlock. Lay them all the way across the width of the awning. You can make your corrugated metal awning with metal posts and metal headers, or you can use wood posts and wood headers. If using wood, make sure to use wood screws or nails, not metal screws. Secure each piece of the corrugated awning material so it doesn't come off in heavy winds or bend under heavy snow.Wooden awning can be constructed successfully by following basic measurement and carpentry tips.

For building a wooden awning in the patio, you will need wood posts, wood beams, nuts, screws, washers, bolts, and covering sheets. Awnings are a type of canopy that can be constructed by attaching to the wall of the house, windows, doors, or as separate structures for the patio and deck. They can be used as outdoor furniture for enjoying and passing leisure time during the sunny or rainy months. Some of the benefits of having an awning are increased living space, sun protection, and energy efficiency.

Based on your budget and personal preference, it can be made up of plastic, polyester fabric, metal, and wood. One of the cost-effective and flexible awnings is a retractile type, which is set according to the weather conditions. It can be adjusted as per the requirements of the user.

Another durable awning option is that of the wooden type. However, a concerning issue is that wood awnings for patios are quite expensive in comparison to other awning types. An alternative to reduce the construction cost is by building the patio cover on your own.

If you have basic measurement and carpentry skills, you can accomplish building a wooden awning for your patio. Would you like to write for us?

how to build a wood awning frame

Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk So, you have finally decided to construct a wooden awning in the patio? A simple approach that will simplify your project is to purchase do-it-yourself kits available in the local home improvement centers. You can opt for the one with lightweight and sturdy wood equipment. Such kits contain all the necessary hardware, wood materials, instruction booklets, and videos for successful building of a wooden awning.

Prior to building the structure, you should go through the manufacturer guidelines carefully and try to understand the provided instructions.

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The supplies that you will find in the kit include wood posts and beams, wooden sheets for covering beams, corner brackets, knee braces, nuts, screws, washers, and bolts. Other tools required for building a wood awning are circular saw, reciprocating saw, stepladder, drilling machine, and safety gears. Once you are ready with all these required tools, you can begin with the steps for constructing a wooden awning.We have 33 images about build your own awning frame including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more.

In these page, we also have variety of wallpaper available, such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, logo, black and white, transparent, etc. Both awnings and canopies manage to pay for you the unintentional to create a calm, protected outside manner to enjoy, everything the weather.

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